How to get a place at Whaddon School

Parents thinking of sending their child to the school are invited to attend one of our Open Mornings in the Autumn term. Alternatively, please contact us to make an appointment to see the school in action. Admission to the Reception Class, is through Buckinghamshire County Council (via your local authority if you live outside Buckinghamshire).

Starting School in September 2019

Children born between:

01 September 2014 - 31 August 2015 - Will start school for the first time into Reception (Foundation 2) in September 2019

Our School Admission number is 20 in each year group.


5 November 2018

Primary Portal opens at 11am on this date  (Buckinghamshire residents only)


19 December – 3 January

Christmas Break

11 January 2019

Junior Transfer latest date for returning a paper application to infant schools – to be received by 9am


15 January 2019


Reception and Junior Transfer online applications  Primary Portal closes at 3pm



29 January 2019

The latest date for moving into or within Buckinghamshire (and providing evidence to show that they are resident) for us to use this address for the first round of allocations.


Final date for agreed special cases to be considered as timely (moving house is not considered to be a special case).


Applications or changes of preference received between 16 January and 29 January that are not deemed to be special cases will be processed for 16 April but will not be considered until all of the timely applications have been processed (late applications but included in the 1st round)



15 February

All schools receive preference numbers

18 February – 22 February

Half Term

05 April – 24 April

Easter Break

12 April

Electronic files sent to Bucks schools with allocations via Any Comms.

16 April

*National Primary Allocation Day*


Emails sent out to online applicants 


Letters posted to paper applicants

 Auto Opt onto Waiting List


30 April


Closing date for acceptances from 1st round.  New applications for the 2nd round and mover address evidence for the 2nd round. Online portal closes

20 May

2nd round allocations emailed and schools advised of further admissions.  Waiting List emails sent out

27 May – 31 May

Half Term

7 June

Closing date for acceptances from 2nd round.  Changes of preference and mover address evidence for 3rd round

25 June

3 round allocations emailed and schools advised of further admissions

2 July

Transition Day.  Many children attend their new school for the day

5 July

Closing date for acceptances from 3rd round.  Changes of preference and mover address evidence for 4th round

19 July

4th round allocation emailed and schools advised of further admissions  

19 July to beginning of September

Places allocated as they become available

24 July

Summer Break

19 August

Final Waiting lists letters posted

September 2019

The new school year starts


The County Council has agreed that the admissions policy detailed below should be used for those children due for admission to primary schools at the age of 5 or 8.
In most cases the Education Department will be able to confirm that a place is available at your preferred school.  However, when a primary school is oversubscribed i.e. more children wish to attend the school than there are vacant places, the list of criteria detailed below is used to allocate places up to the Intended Admission Number.


Places are allocated according to the following criteria, in order of priority:

1. Looked after children or previously looked after children.
2. Children living in the catchment area of the school.
3. Siblings of children attending the school or a linked primary school. 
4. Children whose parents have expressed a preference for a Church of England School supported by proof of church commitment, e.g. letter from local vicar.
5. Children with exceptional medical or social needs, supported by written evidence from a doctor, social worker, education welfare officer or other appropriate person.
6. Children attending a primary school linked to Whaddon CE First School. (Does not apply to Reception intake)
7. Once the above rules have been applied then any further places will be offered in distance order. The shortest distance will be offered first.

This information applies to children wishing to be admitted to this school.  If you have any questions about how this may apply to you then please contact the Admissions Officer at your local Area Education Office, who will be able to advise you.

All admissions for September 2018  need to apply through Bucks County Council. Details of the procedure can be obtained directly from the County web-site using the link below.  

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