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The Riverbank

This wonderful building is The Riverbank.
As the school grew from a first school, to a full primary school, it was essential that we have the appropriate infrastructure and space for our growing numbers of staff and children, as well as somewhere to meet the increasing complex needs in our school community. We are proud of our inclusive ethos and we appreciate that sometimes, everyone needs a quiet and soothing space to visit to recharge and regulate.
The increase in Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, since COVID-19 and the legacy of the impact of lockdown is still present in our cohorts and it is important to us, as a school community, that everyone has the environment they need to reignite their light and let is shine bright.
As the school numbers grew, it was important that the staff have access to a space in order to recharge and rest, at lunch times. Since the addition of our new Foxes class there was no existing room suitable for a staffroom that was available to us. This essential part of the school day, where staff gather, chat and support each other has always been a strength of our school and our commitment to wellbeing, so it was important that there was an appropriate space to facilitate that vital networking opportunity and where all staff could meet.
The Riverbank enables everyone's wellbeing to be addressed and is a space that children and staff have used for rest and restorative conversations. 
As with all areas of school life, the children used the forum of Wednesday Whole School Meeting to vote on the name of our beautiful new space. The Riverbank was the most popular name.
Having this tranquil space available to us has transformed the available room we have to work with small groups, meet as staff, meet as governors and with external visitors- all of whom have appreciated this calm and comfortable space.
When considering the project management and the building itself, it was important to us that the team understood and shared our values, our ecological ethos and the importance of durability and quality of craftsmanship.  We wanted more than a "shed" and it was important this was to be a space people wanted to use and that they felt reflected the value we hold for staff, pupils and visitors.
The project started in December 2023, just before the ice came and was finished in January 2024.
The tireless dedication of the Distinct team ensured not only a high-quality space but one that captured and reflected the ethos we wanted to achieve, as a space for all to feel calm and cosy.
The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and the children who have worked in The Riverbank have all said how lovely and quiet it is and how it is a calm place to be.
We look forward to sharing more videos, photos of the project and this wonderful space with you soon.