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School Closure

Severe Weather and School Closures


Occasionally it is necessary to close the school due to severe weather or lack of essential facilities in the interests of the personal safety of both pupils, parents and staff. If we wake up to severe weather or facilities failure, wherever possible we always aim to make the decision to close the school by 8am.


We will send out an email by ParentMail to all families and we will put a notice on the school website. It is therefore essential that you inform of us of any changes or additions to your email addresses and mobile telephone numbers.


You can also go on to the county website and check the list of schools that have closed:


County inform local radio stations so you can tune in to Mix FM or Heart FM and they will read out a list of the local schools that have had to close.


If we need to close the school during the day due to worsening weather conditions or facilities failure, we will send an email and text message and put a message on our school website. Please check these lines of communication regularly if we experience weather which could result in us closing the school early in the interests of safety of both pupils, parents and staff.


 School closure is always a last resort and avoided whenever possible.  In these instances, remote learning policies and learning will be implemented. If the work available is not engaged with, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Extreme and case by case circumstances  will be factored into the decisions around the recording of attendance.