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Hello and Welcome to Squirrels!
To access the Squirrel's class blog please visit:
We a mixed class of Year 2 and Year 3 children.
Our classroom is The Hive and we will usually be busy learning inside it, outside around the school grounds or the village beyond.
In our classroom you will find Miss Swain, Mrs Davies and Mrs Wheeler, depending on which day it is.
We would describe ourselves as:
  • Happy and friendly
  • Kind and compassionate 
  • Mathematicians and authors 
  • Forest Rescuers 
  • Designers and artists
  • Friends of the environment
  • Red Squirrels (Y2) and Grey Squirrels (Y3) 
See the welcome booklet below for more information on our class day to day. To see what learning happens in more detail, please visit
Here is a list of interesting and thought provoking educational activities, quizzes and videos available on the following websites. (Please note these websites have been recommended by other educators, but adults may wish to view videos etc. first):
National Geographic Kids:
The Kids Should See This: