Welcome and News

Who are the Woodland Rangers?
This week began with the children considering who the Woodland Rangers are, what their values are and what they stand for. They all agreed showing compassion to all living things is at the top of their list and how they are committed to helping those who need it, no matter what. They won't give up when the going gets tough and they always make sure they are prepared and understand who/what they are helping. 
With that in mind, they watched a special news broadcast about the eve-changing world we live in. They talked a little about climate change and how the world is heating up; what could be causing it and the effects it is having. We talked about how it isn't normally this warm or wet in winter in England and how Australia is being devastated by wildfires. Yet it wasn't always this way. 12,000 years ago the world was in an Ice Age and almost all the world was covered in snow and ice. 
The Rangers asked if they could find out more about the Ice Age and it was agreed that if we're going to travel back in time to learn more, we need to be prepared. Therefore, this week the Rangers have been learning all they can about the Arctic. 
They have learnt about it's location, climate and conditions and all the different animals that call the Arctic their habitat. They have created artwork to show their learning, including Northern Lights artwork completed on the iPads. Next week we shall continue preparing to journey back in time to the land of ice... We'll be in touch to let you know how it goes!
Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holidays and spent plenty of time doing what you enjoy most with family and friends. A huge thank you for all the kind Christmas cards, wishes and gifts given before Christmas; we are very lucky and grateful. 
We've begun the new term and enjoyed a trip to Milton Keynes Museum on Thursday. We explored lots of different kind of transport and learnt about how railways and canals made such a big change to MK and the local area. The children had a great time asking questions and the Victorian schoolroom was a particular hit. See below photos from the day. 
We will begin our next mantle on Monday and, without giving too much away yet, it will be based on a cold theme. Watch this space to see what the Woodland Rangers get up to next.