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February 2022

Weekly bulletin for the week beginning: 7th  March 2022
  Before School During the school day After school
Monday 7.30-8.50: Breakfast club
15.00-16.00: Tech club
Tuesday 7.30-8.50: Breakfast club  
 15.00- 17.00: Premier Late-Stayers
15.00-16.00 Street dance club
Wednesday 7.30-8.50: Breakfast club
AM: Whole School meeting
 15.00-17.00: Premier Late-Stayers
Thursday 7.30-8.50: Breakfast club
 9.00-9.30: Rev Dove Assembly
AM: Squirrels & Badgers Forest School
12.30-13.00: French club
PM: Hedgehogs Forest School
15.00-17.00: Premier Late-Stayers
Friday 7.30-8.50: Breakfast club
 Instrument lessons
PM: PE & Music lessons
15.00-16.00: Performing Arts Club
15.00-17.00: Premier Late-Stayers