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On the Monday back from half term the Woodland Rangers were busy doing Woodland Ranger-y type things. Plotting autumn on their map of the local area, making bird feeders, tidying up leaves, being helpful to woodland creatures. They watched as a lady delivered a note for them to their shiny, newly created headquarters. 
This lady wondered what was more important: celebrating the tradition and history behind Bonfire Night or stopping all Bonfire Night celebrations because of it's impact on wildlife. 
The Rangers considered this problem and decided they didn't know enough about Bonfire Night to comment. Therefore, the next day they travelled back in time to 1605 to find out more...
Henry H became a marvellous King James 1st and explained there were rumours of a terrible plot. Due to the secret nature of this plot, the information was given in code. The Rangers worked in teams to crack the code and realised a group of plotters, led by a man called Guy Fawkes, wanted to put barrels of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament to kill the king!  
They worked together to sequence the Gunpowder Plot from beginning to Thomas Percy (the guard who let Guy Fawkes bring 36 barrels of gunpowder into the cellar) going on the run after the plot was found out. They also worked out which artefacts would be useful to Thomas Percy whilst he was on the run and which artefacts would have existed over 400 years ago and which are from today. 
Now the Rangers know all about the Gunpowder Plot (they have created posters and written historical recounts on it too), they are considering whether the impact on wildlife is too negative or not. Watch this space... we'll be in touch. 
This week an extremely exciting occurrence happened... A baby Gruffalo was delivered to the Woodland Rangers! Unfortunately, it seems to have been abandoned by its mother after loud fireworks scared it away over the weekend. The children evaluated the risk of the Gruffalo and Morgan and Archiejack bravely crept up to the bag and were able to reveal the baby Gruffalo was fast asleep. We recalled the baby Gruffalos are nocturnal and left Arrany on watch duty whilst we decided what to do next. 
Unfortunately, we arrived at school on Tuesday morning to find a letter from the Mayor of Milton Keynes. He formally ordered the Woodland Rangers to remove the Gruffalo from Buckinghamshire by Friday 18th October. The Rangers set to work building humane Gruffalo transport crates, making Gruffalo passports and assessing where in the world he should be sent. They worked out the journey by successfully coding the Beebots.   
Friday arrived which was the day to relocate the Gruffalo. The children acted out preparing the Gruffalo for the journey (feeding it, giving it sleeping medicine, wrapping it in a blanket) then we set out on an epic journey.
Using our imaginations, we travelled to different continents all over the world, whilst travelling around Whaddon. The park and playing fields made an excellent example of Antarctica and the children were able to use maps of the world to work out which oceans they were flying over.
Africa was decided to be too hot for the Gruffalo, Antarctica too cold, North America had too many people and buildings and South America and Asia had too many predators in the jungles.
It was decided that the forests of northern Europe were suitable habitats and we found an old oak tree that was the ideal new Gruffalo home. The children acted out releasing their Gruffalos and one by one said a goodbye to their new friend. "Have a nice life" and "I will never forget you" featured a lot. 
The Woodland Rangers agreed the Gruffalo part of their story has now finished. With that, we raced back to school for lunch. We enjoyed our morning journeying around the world and we won't forget our Gruffalo work anytime soon. See photos below.
In addition to our work as Woodland Rangers and our responsibilities to the Gruffalo, we created some poppy tributes for Remembrance Day. Our work is up on the walls at Morrison's in Westcroft for everyone to see, so make sure you visit, as the children did a fantastic job!