Welcome and News

Hello and welcome back! We had a fantastic first term learning about the Seas and Oceans of our world and many other related aspects. The topic was highly enjoyable for both children and adults, and we were sad to wave farewell to it as it set sail over half term. 
Fortunately, we have moved on to a topic equally exciting called Tis the Season! We are looking at all things autumnal and began Autumn 2 with a walk around Whaddon (see photos below). It was a beautiful frosty morning as we searched for autumn using our senses, and it is safe to say the children are happily hooked in to the topic and found autumn aplenty. Back in the classroom, the children wrote wonderful autumn poems and created vibrant oil pastel leaves. 
This term is set to get very busy and very exciting. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot through dance, Remembrance day, light and of course... Christmas! We will keep you posted!