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A Royal Visitor

On Wednesday afternoon Class 1 was busy re-creating the Bayeux Tapestry when there was a knock on the door. Camron from Class 2 had a message for us: at 1.45pm, King Brannagan would be coming to meet the Castle Crew!
The children were very excited by this news and spent the afternoon looking out of the window and listening out for horse hooves. Sure enough, at 1.45pm King Brannagan knocked on the classroom door.
The Castle Crew told him everything they had learnt about castles and the Battle of Hastings. His Majesty was particularly impressed with the portraits the children had drawn as well as with their knowledge of the Battle of Hastings. 
The King was suitably satisfied that the Castle Crew had done their job well; he paid the crew in golden chocolate eggs. The children were sad to see him go and to come to the end of their time as the Castle Crew. They have done a marvellous job.
In other news, it is only one week until the Easter Holidays! We will be sending home some Easter homework to keep the children ticking over. 
Our History Day
Becoming the Castle Crew