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A Strange Meeting
Early on this week we read the story of the Enormous Crocodile. The next day the children met the Notsobig Crocodile who was asking for their help; his friend had disappeared and he was beginning to fear for his own life. Added to that, a note had been left at his swamp demanding that he leave 'or else'. The children weren't sure whether or not to trust him (which is understandable) so we discussed some ideas before presenting him with some instructions to sign on 'How to be a Trustworthy Crocodile'. Thankfully, the Notsobig Crocodile agreed to the children's requests; the children now have the job of Crococodile Protectors. 
We'll keep you updated. 
Miss Nash and Miss Swain
A trip to Whipsnade Zoo 
A trip to Campbell Park
The work of the S.S.S.C