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One of the most important things we do at school each day is going through
previously-learnt sounds to make sure they stick! 

Reception children begin with phase 2 (single letter sounds) and move on to phase 3 (digraphs and trigraphs) towards February time with bits of Phase 4 dropped in.

Year 1 children consolidate Phase 3 and 4 to begin with, then move on to Phase 5. 

You can download and print flashcards below, or you can go to to play some flashcard games (they are offering a free subscription during this time)
We play a lot of games to consolidate phonics. You could try these at home.
Noughts and Crosses or 3-in-a-row
  • Set up a grid of 9, 12 or 16 sounds or words (make sure the words only contain sounds we have learnt, for example  goat, rain, sheep, farm...)
  • Take it in turns to read a sound or a word and then put a 0 or a X over it if it 
    is correct.
Hangman (a modern version of)
  • Draw a target picture with maybe 8 elements in it
  • Choose a word which include the sounds your child has been learning (eg 'sheep)
  • Draw the correct number of lines for the sounds  not the letters, so for sheep it would be  __  ___ _  (sh - ee - p). 
  • Your child has to guess the sounds in the word
  • If your child is in Year 1, they have to tell you how to spell the sound 
  • Give your child a set of phoneme cards, mixing single letter sounds and digraphs
  • Challenge them to make as many words as they can in 2 minutes 
  • To help, you could give them clues (eg two orange sounds and one purple sound to make a word)
  • It is best to use phoneme cards for this, rather than a drawn grid, so that children
    can physically move the sounds around)
Phoneme Spotter Stories

We like these in Year 1!  
  • Choose a story to print
  • The adult reads the story with the child pointing to each word
  • Then the child tries to spot as many of the target sound as possible!
  • TIP: when spotting sounds, start from the beginning of the story and work your way through each sentence
Mr Thorne
Mr Thorne's Youtube channel has short videos on the different sounds. Look at the sounds your child has been working on, click on the link below and find the related video!