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Here you can see what's been on the Squirrels' agenda this term:
Autumn Term
We were all about place value during September. In October we moved on to addition and subtraction. We always use concrete resources (pinecones are Miss Swain's favourite!) or pictorial representations to help us in our work. We've also been exploring reliable written methods such as the column method to support our thinking and prove our answers. 
We've explored writing for a variety of different reasons this term. Stories, instructions, letters, chronological reports and persuasive writing have all been written. See below for our Mantle topic this term based on the story Scaredy Squirrel. Arboriculturists is our new favourite word.
Our focus whole class guided reading text has been 'A Letter to Pluto'' by Lou Treleaven and 'The Proudest Blue' by Ibtihaj Muhammad
this term. The children have hugely enjoyed both stories bringing the text alive. There has been plenty of comprehension when we have tried to understand the authors' intentions through use of words or punctuation. 
The Squirrels became 'Arboriculturists' this term after they were needed to assist Scaredy Squirrel during the felling of the Ancient Oak Tree. They were able to hoist fresh acorns up to Scaredy Squirrel whilst the Mayor of Milton Keynes decided on the future of the tree. Unfortunately, despite the new found knowledge and expertise of the Arboriculturist, the Mayor decided to fell the tree for the safety of the villagers. This meant the Arboriculturist needed to respond quickly to assist Scaredy Squirrel to safety. The team showed plenty of compassion and determination to save the Squirrel. Their final instructions to Scaredy Squirrel on 'How to escape an Ancient Oak tree' were children demonstrated their understanding of writing clear instructions were incredible.
It has been really important to all Squirrel staff that the children have adjusted happily to being back in school after the on going pandemic uncertainty. As a class, we are making a conscious effort to ask each other "how are you feeling today?" and react kindly to their replies. Mrs Wright and Mrs Darnley have been helping the children understand mindfulness and learn techniques to help with worries in particular. Children enjoy recognising their learning themselves. You will often hear them response to feedback with 'I just burnt a neural pathway'.
Collective worship: 
In collective worship we have celebrated our differences and our talents and made sure we all know how to make someone smile each day. We joined in 'showing racism the red card' day and have been developing an understanding of the themes and problems are happening all over the world. Helping the environment has been as equally important to us this term. We've been exploring the idea of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' a lot and are trying to be greener both at school and in our homes. We will never stop working to make sure both our classroom and the people in it treat all humans, animals and nature with respect, kindness and equality.  
Here are some useful printable resources to help your with your homework!