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Marvellous Maths

Find a big range of maths games on here and rate your favourites out of five! Choose from practicing place value, addition and subtraction, time and much more. 
Race against the clock and drive the car through the barrel with the correct multiple on to win bananas!
Whack-A-Mole is a game where you can practise counting in ones or different groups.
Create symmetrical patterns on the deck chair.
Practise number bonds to 10 in this Whale Game.
Find the correct coins to pay for the items.
As requested, the Castle Catapult Game.
Click here to add on and knock down the castle!
Number Fact Fighter
Choose from a range of levels and practise your addition facts.

Create and print your own Tarsia jigsaw puzzles.

Choose your multiple and match the answer to the correct multiplication fact.
A fun, musical way to learn your times tables.
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Find a timer and see if you can beat your personal best every time!
Scroll down to find lots of games suited to Year 2s on 5-7 year olds. 
Practice your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills on a range of games
Practice your times tables - choose from medium, hard and really hard levels
Which number is the ghost hiding? Look closely at the number sequence to decide.
Sort shapes, letters and pictures by symmetry.
Practise finding pairs that make 20 with this Mummy Game.
Oh Mummy! Try these additions or subtractions.
Place Value
Here you can practise adding hundreds, tens and ones, with dienes and coins.
Practise a range of number facts.
* Number bonds
*Doubles and Halves
* Multiples
* Division
* Square Numbers
Do you know you multiples of 4? See how fast you can pop the bubbles.
Help Dad's rocket power by answering questions on the 8 times table.
Work against the clock or in your own time...use the grid to learn your times tables.