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Mantle of the Expert

An Introduction to Mantle of the Expert
Since 2018, following some staff training, we have been doing a lot of our teaching and learning through Mantle of the Expert.

Mantle of the Expert is an approach to education that uses imaginary contexts to generate purposeful and engaging activities for learning. It uses a range of drama techniques to immerse children into the fictional context and so all of the learning activities have a purpose. 
The children become an expert team (within  the story). They have a client who sets them a task, or several different tasks. They solve problems together and, as needed, learn facts and information as they go. 
You can find out more on the Mantle of the Expert website here. 
Some of the projects the children have been involved with since starting Mantle of the Expert can be seen below...
The Hedgehogs (R/Y1) have created a herd of elephants and made them a wonderful enclosure to live in. 

Squirrel class (Y2/3) have become a nature documentary film crew and have received an important commission from the BBC.

The Badgers (Y4) have learnt of the mysterious disappearance of an island...
In the mid-Atlantic an island has disappeared from the view of satellites.  It's up to the team at Magneto Enterprise to discover why there is a strange magnetic pulse where the island could once have been seen.
Some of our past Mantles can be seen below. 
Percy's Park Keepers:
Reception and Year 1 2021

Percy's Park Keepers:
Following a huge storm in his park, Percy the Park Keeper advertised for some additional park keepers to help him out. The children became his team, caring for and rehoming injured animals and birds they found. They also helped to clear out the pond, resulting in the return of the amphibian population. During their day to day running of the park, one of the park keepers spotted a gruffalo. This resulted in much consideration about what was to be done. In the end, the park keepers decided to catch and talk to the gruffalo, after which it was agreed that it could stay in the park in a cave. Having restored the park to it's former glory, and solved the gruffalo problem, the park keepers' job was done. 

Turtle Watch: Year 1 and 2 2019
Turtle Watch:
The children learnt of a (fictional) Polynesian island called Honu Island (Turtle Island). The local people were concerned that they hadn't seen any turtles on the island for the past decade. The children became Turtle Watch - they tracked turtle behaviour and considered why the island was no longer a suitable habitat for the turtles. They looked at beach and ocean habitats, and at human and physical features of the island. 
Roman Legionnaires
Year 4  2021
Roman Legionnaires:
For this Mantle, Year 4 delved into the world of the Romans.  They  spent time decoding messages, creating Roman shields and maps of the surrounding countryside to their fort.  An encounter with the local barbarians led them to broker a peace deal that would allow both sides of Hadrian's Wall to live peacefullys. 
Arctic Adventurers: Reception and Year 1 2020
Fire Marshals: Year 1 and 2 2019
Fire Marshals:
The children learnt about The Great Fire of London. They stepped into the past to become Londoners in 1667, rebuilding London and becoming a team of volunteer firefighters, on hand to ensure there was never another Great Fire again. Through this context, the children learnt a lot of history and also looked at materials (science) in terms of what firefighting equipment would have been made of in the 1600s.