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Exciting English

Join Roy the reading zebra to play lots of different English games. Choose from spelling, punctuation or reading quizzes to test your knowledge!
Find a huge range of different games on TopMarks.co.uk! Choose from spotting tricky words, finding missing phonemes and turning words into past tense correctly... (just remember to add -ed!). 
There are lots of spelling games on this website that focus on phonics. Practice using all of your phonics knowledge and rate the best games out of five
A noun in the name of a person, place or thing! Pop the balloons with the nouns on. How fast can you recognise them? 
Deep Sea Phonics. A fun activity to practise your phonics.
Monkey Phonics Game - Practise spelling words.
Use your super powers to find other words for said.
 Come and play some simile games.
Help the penguins by working out what is wrong with the sentences and helping to correct them!
There are lots of punctuation games on this website. Practice using all of your punctuation knowledge and rate the best games out of five
Find lots of different grammar games on this website! Create your own stage show, catch noun fish, practice verbs in space and so much more!
Sort the sentences so they make sense.
Dinosaur Eggs - Click on the eggs that have the right word on.
 Learn and play games about apostrophes.
Help the wizard take two words to make a longer compound word then practise apostrophes.